e-Auction Schedule

Seller : NLC India Limited

Material : Talabira II & III OCP Coal

Mode : Road
Version Number : 3

Event No : NLCIL/Talabira II & III OCP Coal/SEAC-23/2024-25

Date of Hoisting : 13.07.2024

Catalog Name:- Mid Term e-Auction of NLC India Limited Talabira II & III OCP Coal For All Sectors-Power Sector and NRS incl. Traders Dt:16.07.2024 Qty offered 4000000MT

Lot No Source Product Information/Size/Grade EMD Rate per MT Quantity Floor Price(Rs/MT) e-Auction Date Auction Start Time (Hrs) Auction Stop Time (Hrs)**
1 Talabira II & III OCP, ODISHA Sale of Talabira II & III OCP Coal on "as is where is and no complaint basis only"
G-14 GCV: (3101 TO 3400) K.CAL/KG  Size: (-)100 mm
150.00 4000000 MT 1245.00 16.07.2024 14:30 16:30
All sectors namely Power sector and Non-Regulated Sector (NRS) including Traders are eligible to participate in the Mid Term e-auction for procurement of coal on as is where is and no complaint basis.
***NLCIL intends to sell its surplus G-14 grade of coal of 2 million Tons per annum (Total 4 Million Tons for two years) in the open market through e-Auction mode commensurate with applicable guidelines of Govt. of India for captive coal blocks.***
Bidder needs to bid for total off-take quantity of 2 years. Allocated quantity will be equally divided in 2 halves. Each half of allocated quantity will be supplied in each year.
Please deposit EMD using any of the below mentioned modes : a) IDBI / INDUSIND RTGS b) Online Payment Gateway. Please go through the entire schedule for details like last date of submission of EMD etc. Please update your GST with us in Coaljunction 48 Hours prior to the e-auction date to be eligible to participate in the e-auction. All buyers are requested to check the Scheme / Terms & Conditions / Notice in details before e-auction participation.
The Reserve Price/Starting price is mentioned in Rs. per Tonne. All applicable charges like Sizing Charges, Evacuation Facility Charges, User Fees, Surface Transportation charges, Royalty, Additional Royalty/payments as per NCI & RP of April-2024, DMF, NMET, GST, GST compensation Cess & IT and other statutory charges if any.
Other Charges: Sizing charges-Rs.87/Tonne. Evacuation Facility charges-Rs.60/Tonne. Surface transportation charges-Rs.55/Tonne. User Fees-Rs.1/Tonne. Taxes & Duties: Royalty @14% of the Basic Cost , DMF @ 30 % on Royalty, NMET @ 2 % on Royalty, Additional amount @ 14% (As per NCI & RP of April-2024 @ Rs.1383/-Tonne), GST @ 5%, GST Compensation Cess will be levied @ Rs.400/- per Tonne. Income Tax : - 1 % on total Sale Value without Form 27 'C'.(With Form 27 'C' = Nil)
e-Auction Date EMD Deposit Last Date* Time (Hrs.)
16.07.2024 15.07.2024 12:00
  • In case your EMD balance does not meet the required EMD eligibility criteria, then you won't be allowed to neither view nor participate in an e-auction.
  • Bidders are always requested to check your e-ledger 15mins prior to start of e-auctions and revert back to us with relevant details at coaljunction@mjunction.in if the payment is not uploaded.
  • Bidders are requested to note that wef 17th July'14 EMD deposited through CITIBANK E-collect mode will not be allowed and will not be accepted.
  • All bidders are requested to put their Bidder id number correctly and use system driven RTGS process for EMD deposition process within cut-off time. Failure to comply may result in non uploadation of EMD.
    You may use our online mode of EMD deposition for depositing EMD 2 hours before the auction start time.
    For timely participation in coal e-auctions bidders are requested to instantly report to us any issues related to payment failures/unsuccessful transactions during payment of EMD through ONLINE mode with in cut off time. Delay in reporting might cause inconvenience, even non-participation in e-auctions also.
    Bidders are being advised not to do ONLINE transactions while the auctions (in which he/she is participating) are going on as post reporting there might be delay in resolving the issues due to multiple handling of multiple queries from all the such reported cases from various customers in a sequential manner and Coaljunction cannot be held responsible in such cases wherein this might lead to non participation /delay in participation.
    *For EMD deposition using RTGS/NEFT mode - We would like to advice our bidders to deposit the EMD's at the earliest to avoid unfavourable incidents like Bank Holidays, Bank Strike, Bandh etc in any part of India on the last date of EMD Deposition.
    **Assuming no valid bid received in the last five minutes.
    Please visit our website for relevant information.
    We urge our esteemed customers to constantly check your User Id & Password so that you can smoothly log in to auction services.
    In case of any problem please write to us at coaljunction@mjunction.in
    Customers are requested to send us a simple e-mail at coaljunction@mjunction.in in case if they have Onetime registration and if their validity has expired after three years.
    Change in branch timings on Saturdays:-
    Please be informed that Banks will remain open for full day on 1st, 3rd and 5th Saturday of every month. ( Excepting National Holidays ).
    As per the recent notification, RBI has announced public holiday on Second and Fourth Saturday of month and full working day on Saturdays other than second and fourth.
    This change came into effect from 1st of September 2015.
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    Importantly, all other Saturdays in a month will be full working days and cut-off timing for all types of transaction processing would be similar to normal working days.
    Bid Increment

    (During Scheduled Auction Time)
    Bid Increment

    (During Auto-Extension Time)
    Auto Extention Time
    Rs. 14 Rs. 28 5 minutes
    Mode Minimum Bid Quantity(MT) Bid Multiple(MT)
    Road 100000.00 10000.00
    Important Points to Note:
    1. e-auction Timings/Quantity are subject to change.
    2. e-auction Price is the Basic Price only. Surface Transportation Charges(STC), Statutory Charges, Taxes, Levies & Duties, shall be extra (as applicable) during payment of sale value.
    3. No Re-registration will be accepted on the day of e-auction.
    4. Please read the Scheme / Terms & Conditions governing the e-auction before participation.
              A.During participation a prompt appears on screen after login.
              B.A participant is allowed to bid in the e-auction only after according acceptance to the Terms and Conditions of e-auction.
              C.On selection of check box and clicking of I Agree button it will be deemed that the participant has accepted the Scheme / Terms & Conditions governing the e-auction.
    5. For details please read the Procedure for e-auction and Important Notice on www.coaljunction.in
    Login To: www.coaljunction.in or https://auction.coaljunction.com